There’s More to Retirement Planning than Calculations

Having just reread our latest newsletter,  I was inspired to write a little more about financial planning and retirement.  As Mitch said in the newsletter, retirement planning involves more than calculating the amount of money each of us needs to make it through our retirement years. It’s also important to consider quality-of-life issues. Here are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before leaving the work world:   

  • What retirement activities can help generate the sense of well-being I get from my job? 
  • What new meaningful goals will I pursue during retirement?
  • How will I maintain my physical well-being as I age?
  • Where will I live, and what kind of lifestyle do I want?

I went looking for content to share to help you address some of these issues.

I think I struck gold!

I found it on a blog called “Retirement – Only the Beginning.” One of the blog posts, Retirement Advice I Would Give the Twenty Year Old Me, is relevant not only to those who have already retired, but to all of us who will retire in the future.

The post is a quick read. But when you are done, you should click the Home button and scan through some of the other entries. This writer has some valuable tips that extend beyond the well-trodden path of finding your financial “number.” Here are a few other good entries:

  • When Working In Retirement Is The Way To Go
  • Make the Most of Retirement by Staying Active
  • Experience the Joy of Patience in Retirement

As you can see, retirement planning is a many-faceted subject. Once you get beyond the financial calculations, it can be enjoyable to read about other people’s decisions and mull over your own.