Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Fee-Only financial advisor?
As Fee-only financial planners, we are compensated exclusively by the fees charged directly to our clients. In other words, we are not paid via commissions earned from the sale of financial products or services. Moreover, Conlon Dart chooses to act as a fiduciary, meaning we have an ethical obligation to put your interests ahead of compensation or any other considerations.


What is an ideal Conlon Dart client?

We have clients of all ages and perspectives. One common link is that each comes in with an open mind and willingness to collaborate directly with our professional team.

We have found that our services work best for those with $500,000 or more in investment assets.


My main concern is getting help with my investments. Do I need to engage Conlon Dart for financial planning services as well?
Generally speaking, yes, but we think that is a good thing. To support you at the standard our clients demand, it is critical that we understand your goals and objectives, including specific financial information relevant to your planning objectives. In the long run, taking a holistic approach to your financial life allows us to align your investment plan to those things most important to you. This extra effort, we believe, is far more rewarding than pushing you into a one-sized investment model.


Will you work with our other professional advisors?
Absolutely. We believe working with your professional team (tax, legal and insurance counsel) is critical to your financial plan’s success. Many of our clients look at us as quarterback or CFO of their financial team, making sure that the various parts work in a coordinated fashion. We fully embrace that role.


Will you consult me before making trades?
In the early stages of our working together, we make sure the portfolio is implemented at a pace you are comfortable with, so we frequently communicate our plans. However, clients generally grant us limited trading authority, which allows us the opportunity to make portfolio adjustments according to your stated investment policy. Removing the burden of daily decision making is a big reason clients hire Conlon Dart.


Will I need to move my assets to work with you?
You may need to change custodians. The majority of client accounts are maintained at either Charles Schwab & Co. or Fidelity Investments. There may be additional choices, which you can discuss with our team.


Will Conlon Dart hold my assets directly?
No. Conlon Dart is not a custodian and therefore will not take custody of your assets.